Brexit – what happens next?

With a couple of weeks left until the UK is supposed to leave the EU and ahead of a big vote in Parliament today, we take the opportunity to look briefly at what is likely to happen to employment law when (if?) the UK leaves the EU.

The government has indicated that it is likely to preserve existing employment laws deriving from Europe after Brexit.

And now Theresa May has said that the UK Parliament will have the chance to vote on whether to adopt any new Directives issued by Europe, after UK leaves the European Union.  So, UK employment law might potentially continue to follow European Law rather than decide its own path.

UK employment law already goes above and beyond what Europe requires in some areas.  The Service Provision Change Regulations already require more of employers than the Acquired Rights Directive deems necessary and we have more holiday entitlement than required by the Working Time Directive.

If, after Brexit, we have differences in employment laws, the UK may become more or less attractive for people to work or for business to set up in.  Future employment laws will, among other things, have to strike a balance between these interests.

When we have more clarity on any changes to employment law post-Brexit, we will of course let you know.



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