We’re recruiting

Due to business growth, we’re recruiting for an employment law adviser to deliver high quality, pragmatic employment law advice to our clients. Ideally, we are looking for someone on a full-time basis. However, we know the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance and appreciate that everyone’s circumstances are different. We will therefore consider a… Continue Reading »

New Year’s Resolution? Start tackling problems at an early stage

In this first blog post of 2019, we’re suggesting a New Year’s Resolution for employers. Very few people like having difficult conversations but, in an employment context, it’s important that matters are addressed at an early stage. We recognise that it is often difficult to deal with concerns over performance or minor conduct issues. However, issues… Continue Reading »

Managing absence

Everyone falls ill from time to time and employers should understand that there will be occasions when employees are off work due to sickness. However, a good attendance record from employees is essential to the smooth running of any organisation. When employees are absent on sick leave, this is not only a difficulty for the… Continue Reading »

Employed or self-employed?

Readers may be aware from various news reports in recent years, that here have been several cases taken relating to an individual’s employment status. Typically, the company or organisation asserts that the individual is self-employed and the individual is arguing that they are in fact an employee or worker. There are certain distinctions between “employees”… Continue Reading »